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Bunmi Laditan Funny Chicken Nuggets Facebook Post

You've Never Laughed This Hard at a Picture of a Toddler's "Organic" Chicken Nugget Dinner

Dinner is served! The chicken nuggets are organic, free-range, rescue chickens who communicated to me in chicken...

Posted by Bunmi Laditan on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

There is a lot of pressure in being a parent, and society and the media have a funny way of sometimes making us feel a little inadequate, even when we're doing our best. To combat the idea that every mom should strive to be the perfect Pinterest mom, author Bunmi Laditan took to her Facebook page with a photo of her toddler's chicken dinner to lighten things up a bit and give her fellow mamas a laugh.

In the post, Laditan highlights her son's nuggets from "organic, free-range, rescue chickens" that told her they wanted to die to feed her children and the "rutabaga spears" that are definitely in no way french fries. But that's not all! The cup — which she says was reclaimed from the landfill and gently washed — contains a "broccoli and hemp seed medley," and the box it's all held in was a craft she did with her son during some quality television-free bonding time.

To top it all off, her adoring son actually thanked her with appreciative tears glimmering in his eyes: "Mama, thank you for giving me life during my homebirth and this delicious, homemade dinner. I love you, goddess." Sounds like she's got this whole mama thing totally figured out* (#blessed).

*Wink, wink.

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