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Child Killed by 4 Pit Bulls During Walk to School with Mom

A Child Dies Horrifically After Being Ripped From His Mother's Arms and Mauled by 4 Pit Bulls

In a tragic accident, a 4-year-old boy was killed while walking to school in Detroit with his mother.

While the pair was on the sidewalk, four pit bulls reached under a fence and attacked the child. After being severely mauled, the little boy was rushed to the hospital but did not survive the surgery to treat his injuries.

According to police, the boy was yanked from his mom and dragged before being mauled. "When I saw them carrying her baby, all I can do is grab my baby and say, 'Oh my God,' because he is lifeless," said Yolanda Samuels, the neighbor who called 911. "The lady was screaming, 'My baby, somebody help my baby.' They had to shoot at the dogs to literally get the dogs off the baby."

According to Samuels, the dogs got out on a regular basis. Three of the pit bulls were shot and killed while trying to save the child, who suffered from stomach bites and was listed in critical condition before dying. The fourth dog was taken into custody while police investigate if the owner could've done more to keep them from getting out.

Police Chief James Craig said that the boy's mom tried to fight off the dogs after they crawled through a gap between the ground and the fence. "What's telling in this scenario (is) the viciousness of these animals, the fact that they removed this child from the mother's grasp."

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