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Chronicles of Motherhood Post About the Newborn Trenches

What Inspired This Mom to Embrace Being in the "Newborn Trenches"

I woke up the other morning and found this picture on my phone. You see, right now I'm in the trenches. The newborn...

Posted by The Chronicles of Motherhood on Thursday, July 13, 2017

The photos you end up loving the most might not have a pretty filter or be posed to perfection. Cassie Hilt figured that out when her husband snapped a candid photo of her sleeping alongside her daughter. The mom of three and blogger behind The Chronicles of Motherhood typically dislikes candid photos, but she's grown to love this one of her in the "newborn trenches."

In a touching Facebook post, Cassie wrote, "You see, right now I'm in the trenches. The newborn trenches, that is. . . . My days are filled with changing diapers, rocking babies, wiping tears, cleaning spills, doing laundry, washing dirty dishes, and endless snack times."

Though the candid photo reminds her of all of that hard work, Cassie loves it because it's real. "This picture shows it all. It's not glamorous, but it's a picture of one of the hardest jobs there is — motherhood," she wrote. "I want to remember this phase of my life. I need this picture to remind me, because sometimes when your in the trenches, you forget that you'll miss it someday."

So while it's a difficult phase, Cassie encourages parents to document those not-so-glamorous moments, because they are worth remembering and being proud of. Read Cassie's touching reflections in the full post above.

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