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Colorado Kids Caught Selling Pot

Colorado Kids Busted For Selling Pot on the Playground

Colorado's new lax pot laws may be to blame for some elementary school students' recent suspension from school. This week, two students were caught selling marijuana on the playground of Monfort Elementary School. On Monday, one 10-year-old brought in a small amount of pot and sold it to three classmates. The following day, one of the buyers brought in a marijuana-laced treat to share with his supplier from the previous day. None of the students experienced any major side effects, but they will face a serious suspension. ABC News reports that all four boys involved in the illegal sale have been suspended for a significant number of days. The school's biggest concern, however, is that the children had such easy access to the drug, which became legal in Colorado earlier this year.

"Both of these kids took the marijuana without the consent of their grandparents," John Gates, director of safety and security for the Greeley-Evans School District, told ABC News. While school officials initially contacted the police, they opted not to handle it as a criminal matter, in hopes of teaching a larger lesson.

"We hope to send a good message here without ruining anybody's lives," Gates said. "The message we really want to get out here to the adults is, 'for crying out loud, secure it.'"

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