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Confetti Rainbow Baby Maternity Shoot

This Confetti Maternity Shoot Captures the Sheer Joy of a Rainbow Baby

Confetti Rainbow Baby Maternity Shoot

Having endured IVF and two miscarriages, Lauren Giles of Studio 154 Photography is sensitive toward clients who have experienced difficult hardships. "It's like a silent club we're in together," she wrote on her blog. "We mourn and comfort each other in the hard times, and we also celebrate and jump up and down in excitement during the good times!"

With this in mind, Lauren thought back to how she felt when she learned about her own pregnancy while brainstorming ideas for Brittany's rainbow baby maternity shoot. "I remembered what it felt like being told I was pregnant again after experiencing infertility and miscarriages, and now, hearing that heartbeat and being told there was a healthy growing baby inside, it was like rainbow confetti falling from the sky," she told POPSUGAR Moms.

Lauren shared her vision with Brittany, who was pregnant with her own rainbow baby, and the two decided to create the feeling of pure happiness that so many moms can relate to thanks to their little miracles. With two assistants armed with confetti guns standing on either side of Brittany, Lauren photographed the glowing mom-to-be and the sheer joy surrounding her pregnancy. "I wanted to capture that incredible feeling," Lauren added. "I wanted the photos to radiate the joy you feel after the storm you've been in."

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