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Couple's Winter Punderland Christmas Decorations

Couple's Super Extra "Winter PUNderland" Decorations Are Going Viral

Winter Punderland

🎄 Welcome to Winter PUNderland!

Posted by Kyle Gunderson on Monday, December 11, 2017

It's the most wonderful time of the year — unless, of course, you're Kyle and Cori Gunderson. For this couple, "It's the most pun-derful time of the year," and the Christmas decorations they've peppered along the outside of their California home are here to prove it. Sporting a festive Santa hat and a glass of red wine, Cori appears in a now viral video taken by Kyle, in which she brings viewers on a tour of their outdoor decorations, beginning with their garage door that welcomes you to their "Winter PUNderland."

"Here we have the alphabet, and it's missing a letter," Cori says as she points to the letters of the alphabet along the top of their garage door. "What letter?" asks Kyle (as he snort-laughs into the camera), to which Cori responds: "L . . . Noel. There's no L. Get it?"

The couple's video continues, showcasing a "season's greetings" spice tree, a candy arrangement with Michael Caine's face on it (candy cane, get it?), a red-headed (ginger) bread man sitting atop their roof, and a cardboard Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson rockin' around a small Christmas tree. The wonderfully extra puns certainly don't end there, but you'll have to tune into their hilarious Facebook video to see the rest . . . it would be Rudolph you not to.

(Sorry, I'll see myself out.)

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