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Couple's Winter Punderland Christmas Decorations

Couple's Super Extra "Winter PUNderland" Decorations Are Going Viral

Winter Punderland

🎄 Welcome to Winter PUNderland! ... (Dec. 2020 Update: Winter PUNderland is now being displayed on Balboa Island in Newport Beach with many new puns) ...

Posted by Kyle Gunderson on Monday, December 11, 2017

It's the most wonderful time of the year — unless, of course, you're Kyle and Cori Gunderson. For this couple, "It's the most pun-derful time of the year," and the Christmas decorations they've peppered along the outside of their California home are here to prove it. Sporting a festive Santa hat and a glass of red wine, Cori appears in a now viral video taken by Kyle, in which she brings viewers on a tour of their outdoor decorations, beginning with their garage door that welcomes you to their "Winter PUNderland."

"Here we have the alphabet, and it's missing a letter," Cori says as she points to the letters of the alphabet along the top of their garage door. "What letter?" asks Kyle (as he snort-laughs into the camera), to which Cori responds: "L . . . Noel. There's no L. Get it?"

The couple's video continues, showcasing a "season's greetings" spice tree, a candy arrangement with Michael Caine's face on it (candy cane, get it?), a red-headed (ginger) bread man sitting atop their roof, and a cardboard Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson rockin' around a small Christmas tree. The wonderfully extra puns certainly don't end there, but you'll have to tune into their hilarious Facebook video to see the rest . . . it would be Rudolph you not to.

(Sorry, I'll see myself out.)

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