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Dad Puts GoPro on Son at Hockey Practice Video

He's Back! This Hilarious 4-Year-Old Wears a Mic AND a GoPro During Hockey Practice

Mason is back! You may remember him as the hilarious 4-year-old who went viral a few weeks ago after his dad, Coach Jeremy, mic'd him up for hockey practice. Mason recently returned to the rink, and this time, he wore a GoPro. He's as quotable as ever as he interacts with the coaches and the other kids on his team. Yep, he's still using "old paint cans" as an insult, but this time around, he wants "samwiches," not "BaDonalds," after practice. Mason's also on the search for a best friend — we'll gladly take the spot! Watch the full video above to enjoy life from Mason's perspective. Hopefully Coach Jeremy makes this a series!

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