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Dad Uses Toolbox For Kid's Lunchbox

Dad Is Sent to Buy His Son a Lunchbox, but What He Comes Back With Instead Is Brilliant

Every parent knows how frustrating it is when your partner loses something that belongs to your child, but after losing his son's lunchbox, one dad went above and beyond to replace it, and you have to see his wife's reaction. Mark Hoyle, dad blogger and self-proclaimed trophy husband, recently shared a genius replacement for his son's lunchbox, and now he's adding it to his list of Dad Hacks. Mark decided to ditch the store where one would find a lunchbox and take a look in the supplies store, where he found an even better option: a toolbox, because it's "basically tupperware."

Mark's wife was completely appalled at first, but once he fills it up with food and toys to demonstrate how practical it is, she immediately realizes how genius this is. Mark, we think you're onto something here. . . "it's like a buffet lunchbox." Watch the video above to see this hilarious family debacle go down.

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