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Differences Between Allergies and a Cold

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Claritin®

We’ve partnered with Claritin® to help moms conquer allergy season by learning some ways to differentiate between allergy and cold symptoms.

Quiz time! Because sneaky cold and allergy symptoms can be tough to differentiate in your little ones (we're still figuring it out for ourselves sometimes!), we've got a few questions that could help you learn more about symptoms that are typical of a cold or allergies. Stay on top of your child's health by testing your knowledge in the video above. To equip yourself with more helpful tools for managing allergy season, check out the Smart Allergy Mom® Toolkit from the makers of Children's Claritin®.

For a sneak peak, or to test your fellow moms, here's a recap of the quiz questions:

  1. Does your child's have teary eyes that they're constantly rubbing?
  2. Is yellow or green mucus being produced from coughing and sneezing?
  3. Does your child have a fever alongside other symptoms?
  4. Are they excessively sneezing and blowing their nose?
  5. Do their symptoms flare up in the Spring and Fall?