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Dog Holds Hands With Foster Mom After Owner Died

After Her Owner Died This Dog "Held Hands" With Her New Foster Mom, and We're Sobbing

You guys... So this girl’s person died and she found herself homeless. She was in our shelter for a couple days and I felt sorry for her so I brought her home. How sweet is she????? #jukinmedia

Posted by Kim Mozena Rezac on Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Today in sob-worthy news: Regan, a 4-year-old dog whose owner recently passed away, has found a new forever home after a video of her "holding hands" with her temporary foster mom went viral.

After her owner, who was in her early 50s, passed away, a confused and scared Regan was brought to Goofy Foot Dog Rescue in Tennessee, where the foster-based rescue shelter's founder, Kim Mozena Rezac, spent three days earning Regan's trust. Regan seemed to get attached to Rezac, so the 51-year-old decided to foster Regan until she could find her a forever home. Then, on the two-and-a-half hour ride to Rezac's home, Regan wouldn't stop "holding" her foster mom's hand, so Rezac filmed the sweet pup and posted the video to Facebook.

"You guys . . . So this girl's person died and she found herself homeless," Rezac wrote on Facebook. "She was in our shelter for a couple days and I felt sorry for her so I brought her home. How sweet is she?"

In the video, Regan can be seen sitting contently in the front seat, her paw in Rezac's hand. "She wanted to hold my hand the whole way. If I took it away she would paw at it," Rezac told TODAY. "She just wanted to be touching . . . I think she felt secure in touching someone familiar. She was so nervous and scared in the shelter but as soon as she jumped into my car she seemed so grateful."

One million views on the video and two days later, a couple reached out to Rezac to say that they just knew Regan was meant to be with them and wanted to adopt her. The couple is fostering Regan for now and hopes to adopt her officially.

We're not crying, you're crying.

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