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Dog Returns Home With Goat and Lab After Running Away

After Going Missing, This Black Lab Returned Home With 2 Very Unlikely Friends

Just a normal Thursday morning!!

Posted by Kyle Krier on Thursday, January 10, 2019

The second Kyle and Laura Krier — a couple from Concordia, KS — realized their black lab, Bo, was missing, they immediately began to panic. After a long night of worrying, Kyle got word from someone in town that a black lab was spotted six miles away in a field. The catch? He had two new friends with him.

Kyle immediately jumped into his pickup truck and headed to the location where Bo was spotted. And lo and behold, his pup was there, hanging out with a yellow lab and a goat. Fortunately, Kyle caught the reunion on video, and there's no denying the Homeward Bound vibes.

"My black lab runs off last night, he's gone all night, and look who I find him with," he said in the viral video he posted to Facebook. Once the fuzzy trio reached the truck, he offered them all a ride, saying, "Hey, goat! You want to get in my truck, too? Come on, hop in there! Everybody just get in."

According to The Dodo, both the yellow lab and the goat — who are named Ozzy and Libby, respectively — belong to the Krier's neighbors. As sweet as the video is, we're hoping Bo, Ozzy, and Libby stay put from here on out!

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