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Dog Reunited With Family After 10 Years

10 Years After Running Away, This Greatly Missed Dog Returned to Its Loving Family

When Debra Suierveld's dog Abby ran away 10 years ago, she never expected to see her beloved black lab again. In fact, after the owners unsuccessfully looked for the missing dog, Abby was declared deceased. So imagine Debra's unbelievable surprise when she was recently reunited with Abby, who is very much alive and well. Debra got a call from Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley and was told her dog Abby had been found. "I didn't even know what to say," the pup's owner told Pittsburgh's Tribune-Review.

It turns out that Abby has been doing fine all these years and was likely taken care of in another home. The dog showed up on a family's porch in Pennsylvania, and someone called the police, who then contacted Animal Protectors. A medical manager at the shelter told the Tribune, "She was in very good shape. She's happy. She's a good weight. She's very well taken care of." While Debra currently has two other dogs, including another black lab mix, we have a feeling there's nothing like being reunited with your long-lost pet of the past.

Thanks to a microchip that Debra put in Abby years ago, her information was able to be pulled up at the shelter and ultimately led to her heartwarming return. Debra couldn't wait to share the news with her 22-year-old daughter, Carly, who was just 12 at the time of Abby's disappearance. "She was laughing so hard that by the end of the laugh she was crying," Debra told NPR. Talk about a story with a happy ending!

Image Source: Flickr user davharuk
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