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Dogs Call Police 16 Times

We Can't Stop LOLing Over These Dogs Who Called the Cops 16 Times Because They Wanted Attention

Remy and Bomber, two crafty pups from Minnesota, were recently up to no good. According to the Lakeville Police's Twitter account, the dogs were in dire need of attention last week. Their solution? Calling the local police department 16 times!

When local officers Michelle Roberts and Emily Bares arrived at the house, they were stumped. The door was locked and it seemed like no one was home. Regardless, the pair knew something was seriously up.

"By the time we got there they had gotten three more 911 calls in that span of time," Michelle told The Dodo. "In a couple of [the calls] they heard dogs barking in the background, but no human voices at all."


Determined to figure out what was wrong, the officers did a lap around the property as the calls kept coming in. Eventually, they found the homeowner's cell phone number and got their garage code.

"I was more concerned because I thought there was a human in there who can't talk or move and just keeps calling for help," said Michelle. "I never thought it was the dogs, that's for sure."

Finally, the police entered and were met with a surprising sight. "They barked at first and then they were a little timid," said Michelle. "But that didn't last very long. They just wanted to be pet and they were super friendly."

As for how the dogs actually pulled the stunt off? Michelle thinks the 45-pound hound mix stood on his hind legs to reach a forgotten cell phone that was left on a home office desk. "It was on 'emergency call only,' so the dogs would have only had to hit the screen with their paw or their nose and that would have enabled them to call 911," explained Michelle.

Unsurprisingly, the dogs' owner was left completely shocked by the situation. "He didn't believe it was the dogs at all until he heard the 911 tape with the dogs barking in the background and you can tell they're really close," Michelle said. "Then he seemed kind of baffled. The homeowner did take the phone into AT&T to find out if there was anything wrong with the phone. They confirmed that there was not."

When all was said and done, the dispatcher received 16 calls from the duo. And although Michelle has spent 20 years on the force, she admits this was a first for her. "It is kind of unheard of for them to be up to those kinds of shenanigans," she said. "It's mind-blowing, really."

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