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Dogs Doing Egg Jaw Challenge

1 Golden Retriever Pulled Off Impressive Egg Trick, Other Dogs . . . Well, at Least They're Cute

When Carrie DuComb, a licensed veterinary technician, read that Golden Retrievers could hold an egg in their mouths without breaking it because they have such gentle jaws, she did what we all would have done if we had a Golden Retriever just lying around: she got an uncooked egg and tested the theory on their dog, Sookie.

Not only did their pooch pass the test, but it also took a good amount of coaxing to get Sookie to spit it out, which she did after a solid minute of it between her sharp teeth without a single crack.

The video, which her niece posted to Twitter, quickly went viral, racking up nearly 10 million views. As to be expected, it led to eager dog owners trying to get their pets to follow suit . . . to mixed results. Not only were Golden Retrievers across the nation tasked with sucking on an egg for their owner's amusement, but all kinds of dog breeds participated in what quickly became one of the funniest dog trick fails yet.


Although we can't condone taking part in the challenge — some vets have spoken out that the egg can be a choking hazard to some dogs and, because salmonella can be present on both the inside and outside of an egg, there's a risk of the dog getting sick — these videos hilariously prove that even the most obedient of pets won't always play our little internet games.

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