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Doritos Super Bowl Commercial of Ultrasound Appointment

This Doritos Super Bowl Ad Explains Why Some Husbands Really Don't Belong in the Delivery Room

We're not trying to hate on husbands here, but if any man pulled this stunt at our ultrasound appointment, we'd send him packing. Or at least make him sit in the waiting room.

This farcical new Doritos commercial — one of three finalists in a contest for which the winning ad will air during the Super Bowl on Sunday — features a pregnant woman getting a sonogram of her unborn baby while her husband, clearly bored by the whole "miracle of life" thing, snacks on a bag of chips. As he chomps down, he notices the fetus is reaching for the snack. Finally interested in his soon-to-be-child, he teases the baby by moving the chip above his wife's stomach.

If you have a more negative outlook on life, you can probably imagine what happens next.

But before you get upset at men everywhere (or at Doritos itself), it's worth mentioning that Peter Corsairs, the Australian filmmaker responsible for the 30-second spot, was inspired by the anticipation of meeting his son Freddy. He even used the ultrasound image of his son, who's now 9 months old, in the commercial!

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