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Dorm Room Essentials

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Source: Target

Moving your student on to college? We've partnered with Target to bring you the affordable dorm room must haves that will instill confidence in both you and your child.

Your mini independent adult is heading off to college, and as a parent, the best thing you can do is enable and empower them from afar. The next best thing? Ensuring they start their new adventure off on the right foot with a thoughtfully and affordably furnished dorm room. While you may not be able to help them out when the dining hall is closed for the night or prevent the inevitable colors vs. whites mix-up in the laundry room, you can equip them with a space-savvy, harmonious, and functional home away from home. This September, take a load off both you and your impending collegiate with 13 essentials that will help set them up for success. Not only are these stylish staples all under $300, but they'll also outlast any first-year jitters — proving once again that Mom always knows best.

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