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Family With 6 Boys Welcomes Little Girl

These 6 Brothers Meeting Their New Baby Sister Is So Sweet You'll Cry

Cutest video of the year!

Posted by The News & Observer on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A few months ago, we watched Cher Lair cut into a gender-reveal cake to find out that after six boys, she was finally having a girl. Well, Ruby Jane is here, and her big brothers have a lot to say about her.

In the video, the boys are shown cradling the sweet little newborn and giving her kisses. While Knox, 2, spends his time with Ruby naming the features on her face, the older boys talk about the future and discuss how they feel about having a sister.

She's as precious as a ruby. — Sawyer, 7

I look forward to growing up with her because I just don't know how this is going to be. I've grown up with boys, like six times . . . but I've never grown up with a girl before, so this is a new experience for me. — Jackson, 13

I love her. She is cuter than I thought she would be. — Shepherd, 4

I'm worried about the pink . . . — Houston, 5

I'm definitely going to be protective . . . when she has a boyfriend and brings him home, all she's going to say is, "Meet my brothers. To have me you're going to have to go through them." — Campbell, 10

If you aren't already tearing up at what they had to say, watch the video to find out which brother chokes back tears as he looks into Ruby's eyes and gives her eskimo kisses.

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