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Fifth Grader's Love Letter on Reddit

We Wish We Still Got Love Letters Like This One Sent From a Fifth Grader

My niece is in 5th grade and got her first love note. This 5th grader has more game than I'll ever have. from funny

One fifth grader's love letter is currently charming the internet and anyone who reads it. Someone shared the sweet note on Reddit after it had been given to their niece, also in fifth grade. They shared the note with the caption, "This 5th grader has more game than I'll ever have."

In the letter, which currently has over a thousand comments on Reddit, the fifth grader professes their love in the best way they know how — with video game references. The letter says, "My heart felt like broken glass until I saw you, and then, I felt like I had every Pokémon ever." Adding, "I love how you play Zelda even when people think it's weird."

Though the references might scream tween, the letter's intentions surpass age. If we're being honest, we'd love to receive a letter this heartfelt.

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