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Fingerlings Narwhal

Fingerlings Is Releasing a Gorgeous New Narwhal, and Yep, Your Kids Are Gonna Want It

Parents, be warned! There's a new Narwhal Fingerling in town, and it's hands down the cutest one yet. WowWee recently announced it'd be debuting a brand-new model at some point in March, and we're seriously digging the nautical theme. These sweet little whales come with light-up horns that change color based on their mood and make "mwah" kissing sounds. Pretty sweet, right?

While the exact price of these little guys is unknown for now, look for your kid's new BFF in the toy aisle by the end of March. And keep in mind, there are a few characters to choose from — Nelly comes in purple, Nikki spots a turquoise hue, Nori is blue, and Rachel comes in pink — so there's no shortage of choices.

Sydney Wiseman, the Montreal-based toy designer responsible for the entire Fingerlings collection, said she's sticking with what works. "We looked at all the best features from the original series, and what people enjoyed the most from the plush Fingerlings Hugs, and then put that technology into these," she said.


We simply can't wait for these to hit shelves!

Image Source: WowWee
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