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Gay Character Coming Out in Andi Mack Scene

Disney's First-Ever Coming-Out Scene Has Literally Made People Cry Tears of Joy

The popular Disney show Andi Mack made headlines last week when it announced that one of the main characters would come out as gay in the upcoming second season. And let's just say when it comes to setting a stage of inclusively, Disney definitely delivered. The most touching part of the episode featuring the coming out storyline? When Cyrus told Andi's BFF Buffy the truth about his sexuality, and she was nothing but accepting and supportive. This is the first time in the network's history that a coming-out scene has been written into an original series, and viewers are thrilled about it, according to Twitter.

Search the hashtag #AndiMack, and what do you find? An outpour of support for finally creating a storyline that more tweens and teenagers can identify with:

Hats off to you, Disney!

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