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Gender Reveal Party Fail When Box Has Rainbow Balloons

This Gender Reveal Party Fail Would Be Utterly Hilarious If It Didn't Make the Mom So Upset

It's not what any expecting couple imagines will happen when they hand-deliver a secret envelope to a party store employee with a simple gender-reveal request: if the card states "boy," put blue balloons in the box, and if it reads "girl," put pink ones in.

"We invited 30 friends and family over for a lovely brunch and gender reveal party for our new baby," Joe Krummel wrote on a YouTube caption for a video from their big box-opening reveal of sorts. "It was simple . . . or so we thought!"

Unfortunately for the couple, they handed that card to the wrong person. The video, which first shows a clearly eager mom-to-be, Leela Krummel, kissing her husband before they both open the giant pink-and-blue box, is quickly going viral for what might be the most emotionally confusing few seconds of a pregnant woman's life. As they open the box, instead of pink or blue balloons, a medley of rainbow balloons emerge.

Everyone in the audience laughs, and for a minute, Leela's confusion looks comical . . . until you see her utter devastation for not being able to find out something they'd clearly been anticipating for a long time.

"The whole party was ruined by a party store with an incompetent balloon employee who clearly had no idea what a gender reveal party is," Joe said.

In the end, they found the card and, in anticlimactic fashion, opened it to discover they were having a boy. Sure, it wasn't as cinematic a reveal, but it's just as memorable!

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