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Georgia Mother and Son Reunited

Boy Reunited With His Mother After 4 Years Apart

One mother had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. After reporting her son missing four years ago, a woman in Georgia was reunited with her child over the holiday weekend. Police found the boy hidden behind a fake wall at the home of his father, Gregory Jean.

According to reports, the police received a tip about the child's whereabouts after he contacted his mother early Saturday morning. Police followed up on the tip and visited the home of his father but were unable to locate the child until they received a more detailed tip. "While at the location during the second call, the victim was able to establish phone contact with his mother, and she in turn passed on additional information to the officers on the scene," Clayton County police Sergeant Kevin Hughes told a local news outlet.

Police arrested the father, as well as Samantha Joy Davis, who was at the house when the boy was discovered. The two have been charged with false imprisonment, cruelty to children, and obstruction of justice. As for the boy, he was taken into custody by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services and returned to his mother's arms later that day for a reunion that would make anyone's eyes water.

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