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Gillette "Go Ask Dad" Father's Day Ad

This Father's Day Ad Proves Just How Irreplaceable Dad Really Is

Because Mother's Day isn't the only holiday on the calendar that should elicit tears, Gillette is about to hit you where it hurts this Father's Day. The global razor company just released a touching ad titled, "Go Ask Dad," pointing out that today's teens are more apt to turn to YouTube to figure something out than ask their fathers. Using fathers and sons speaking Spanish, French, and English, the ad shows kids trying to figure out things like tying a tie, asking a girl on a date, and, of course, how to shave (it is a razor company, after all). In the battle of dad vs. the internet, I'll bet you can figure out who the teens enjoy learning from more.

Grab a tissue or two for this one — we're pretty sure you'll be a sobbing mess like we are right now.

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