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Girl's Princess Merida Brave Photo Shoot

Girl Battling Turner Syndrome Doesn't Just Look Like Princess Merida — She's the Definition of Brave

Girl's Princess Merida Brave Photo Shoot
Image Source: Tigerlily Photography

Abby has had to deal with various health issues since birth. As a baby, she had congenital hip dysplasia and suffered from total hearing loss in her right ear. By the time she started school, Abby started struggling with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and her growth progress. It wasn't until Abby was 10 years old that these challenges began to make sense: she was diagnosed with Turner syndrome.

This chromosomal disorder affects only females and occurs when a baby is born with only one X chromosome. Although it can't be cured and patients typically suffer from heart defects, learning disabilities, puberty issues, and infertility, Turner syndrome has yet to discourage Abby. Now 13 years old, this remarkable girl is overcoming any difficulties with grace, and in honor of her bravery, she was given a princess-inspired day to celebrate how far she's come.

Just like her animated doppelgänger from Disney's Brave, Princess Merida, Abby doesn't let fear get in her way and was made to feel like royalty during this special day. Complete with meaningful accents like her special gown, medallion, and bow and arrow bouquet wrap, Abby was treated to an unforgettable celebration. "She is a walking miracle and a true testimony to what God can do with a beautiful life!" Kristi Smith of Tigerlily Photography told POPSUGAR. "It was truly an honor to be able to give her this princess moment, and when it came time for the daddy-daughter dance — it surprisingly started to rain! But they danced anyway and we captured the most beautiful, heart-warming photos!"

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