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Girl Pulls Out Loose Tooth With Bow and Arrow

Hilarious Slow-Motion Video Shows Girl Shooting Her Tooth Out With a Bow and Arrow

We promise you've never seen anything like this before — not even while watching The Hunger Games. Katniss Everdeen just got completely one-upped by this 11-year-old girl who has insane skills with a bow and arrow — skills that she decided to demonstrate by pulling out her loose tooth, which was tied to an arrow. As her dad put it, this was the "world's first tooth extraction with a badass sling-bow," and while the concept itself seems a little insane, you have to hand it to this little girl — she's extremely brave (seriously, there was zero hesitation), and this was definitely a more exciting way to pull out a tooth than the old trick of tying it to a doorknob.

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