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Hack For Toy Car Storage

This Genius Hack Puts an End to Stepping on Your Kids' Toy Cars — We Cannot Endure 1 More Painful Mishap

I challenge you to find a parent who hasn't accidentally taken a misstep and stepped barefoot directly onto their child's toy car or other small toy. There's a piercing pain, followed by an immediate throb, and if you're anything like me, things usually end with you picking up the toy and heaving it onto the couch. Then you mutter really lovely things into the air.

One mom in particular has come up with a genius solution to put an end to this altogether, and shared her hack on Instagram. Rather than stowing her son's toy cars in baskets, she made a car yard with magnets. She bought a strip of magnets, put one long strip on the wall, then cut small pieces and put them on the underside of each car. Voila! All the cars are now stored on the wall. She has a YouTube video explaining it in more detail, and makes the great point that by enabling her son to see all of his cars in plain sight, he no longer has to tip bins over onto the ground and make more of a mess. Brilliant.

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