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Heated Slippers on Amazon

These Self-Warming Foot Furnace Slippers (From Amazon!) Will Keep You Cozy All Night Long

On chilly nights, I don't think there's anything worse than having icy-cold feet. Luckily, some genius out there invented these Roscos Comforts Foot Furnace Luxury Bed Slippers ($32). The slippers are made with a special internal lining that ensures the warmth generated from your feet is retained. Plus, they require no power or batteries.

"I have never in my life been more delighted with a product," one reviewer said. "After years of chilly feet, trying heating pads and socks under the covers, these came yesterday and my world changed. I slept like a baby with comfort all night!" The slippers come in one size that fits feet up to a size 11. Customers say that the heat truly does last all night so you never feel even a hint of coldness.

They're made from quilted nylon, 180 grams of quality duck down, and two Velcro straps that allow for adjustment. They act like a sleeping bag or down jacket would, which is why they stay so toasty warm. We can't wait to slide into these slippers and have the coziest night of sleep ever.

Heated Slippers on Amazon
Roscos Comforts Foot Furnace Luxury Bed Slippers
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