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Hilaria Baldwin Mom Moments

10 Reasons Hilaria Baldwin Is My Pregnancy Spirit Animal

Since reading her book, The Living Clearly Method, Hilaria Baldwin has inspired me with her approach to a healthy yet attainable lifestyle. Because even as a busy mom of three (and pregnant with her fourth!), she still manages to carve out time to practice yoga. Plus, you have to try Hilaria's supereffective calming breathing techniques, which have totally saved me from losing it when my 4-year-old is being, um, unreasonable as sh*t.

Now, like Hilaria, I'm currently pregnant with baby number four, so I've basically claimed her as my pregnancy spirit animal. She's just so darn positive while still being realistic about expecting, which I think is so refreshing. And the way she juggles parenting three other kiddos, having a successful career, and keeping her relationship with her husband, actor Alec Baldwin, strong is downright impressive. Keep reading to see why Hilaria is the role model you may not have known you needed.

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