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Hillary Clinton on Dropping Chelsea Off at College

Think You Needed a Kleenex at College Drop-Off? Bill Clinton Didn't Want to Leave!

It's perhaps one of the most emotional moments in a parent's life: dropping your child off at college and turning around to go home — without them. It may be a moment 18 years in the making, but that doesn't mean that everyone is ready for it.

In a quick snippet, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton let's us in on a little secret — then-President Bill Clinton was much less prepared for the emotional roller coaster than she was. While Hillary dwelled on the situation and got Chelsea prepared for her first year at Stanford, Bill brushed it off. That is until the parents were asked to leave. "He and a bunch of the saddest looking fathers walked out of that dorm together," she shares. Watch Hillary describe the moment and how they really felt.

Image Source: Getty / LUKE FRAZZA
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