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Hotels With the Best Amenities For Kids

10 Hotels With Amazing Kid Amenities That Make All the Travel Hassle Worth It

Hotels With the Best Amenities For Kids
Image Source: Wyndham Hotels

Remember when all you needed to know about a hotel before you booked it was cost, WiFi availability, and distance to the beach or center of town? Us too. But once kids come into the mix, hotel reservations suddenly become a Herculean task. Which hotel offers cribs? Can they recommend a babysitter? Is there a suite setup so everyone can get some sleep? Or will you have to hide out in the bathroom when baby goes to bed? That baby will then turn into a toddler with separate needs, sleeping arrangements, and opinions.

Finding the right hotel for your family can be a tricky undertaking. You want something that can entertain and not overwhelm them, but you also want a room that feels like an oasis for you. To take the guesswork out of your next getaway, we rounded up the best hotel amenities for toddlers, including blanket forts and brand name gear to make your hotel stay as fun and hassle-free as possible.

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