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How to Be the Perfect Mom

Hilarious Video Showcases How All Moms Feel About That One "Perfect Mom"

As moms, we all try to do our very best to be good at everything, and most of the time we feel proud about what accomplish — a last-minute Halloween costume that doesn't look that bad, for example — but there seems to always be that one "perfect mom" who has it all figured out and is basically superwoman.

In this hilarious video from the ladies of The BreakWomb, our favorite mama comedians are providing commentary on their kids' schools' Halloween parades or when they notice another mom taking photos of her daughter in a handmade peacock costume with emeralds on the feathers (yes, really). This mom also makes caramel apples from scratch and is hosting a Halloween party for 300 people (all in between her job as a full-time neurosurgeon). No biggie; just your average mom, right?

Watch the video to find out what the little secret to being so near perfect actually is!

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