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How to Sterilize Bottles in The Instant Pot

You Didn't Realize Your Instant Pot Could Be Doing This Annoying Parenting Chore For You

There were many exhausting parts of becoming a new mom, but one aspect that was especially labor and time-intensive involved washing and sterilizing bottle and breast-pumping parts. I still remember the day I gleefully removed the bottle drying rack that looked like a patch of grass from my countertop — it was a good day. While I've considered the Instant Pot to be a parenting lifesaver for weeknight dinners (You can cook everything from frozen meat to raw spaghetti so quickly!), it never occurred to me to use it to sterilize bottles, pump parts, and sippy cups.

Blogger and Instant Pot expert Poonam from Instapottin' With Poonam demonstrates how efficient the Instant Pot is for sterilizing BPA-free items. Watch this video to see how she piles an impressive amount of sippy cups, nipples, and bottles into her Instant Pot to easily sterilize.

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