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Huggies Wipes Reported to Have Glass in Them

Huggies Releases a Statement Regarding Claims of Glass Shards Found in Its Wipes

Baby wipes are one of the most simple yet useful products — used on delicate baby skin for literally anything from wiping their tushies to cleaning off the breakfast remnants crusted onto their mouths. But would you still use them if other consumers claimed to find glass particles in theirs?

In a Facebook video that has since been removed, one consumer in California shows viewers the sparkles in her batch of Huggies wipes that appear to look like tiny pieces of glass. The growing concern has moms closely examining their boxes of wipes, and it seems that many are finding the small, glass-like pieces — and also potentially connecting existing diaper rashes to the discoveries.

Huggies has issued a statement regarding the claims:

Update: Huggies Parents, Thank you for your continued patience. We have received results from independent testing of...

Posted by Huggies on Friday, August 21, 2015

The company has also updated its FAQ page to reflect this issue, with the first question reading, "Is there glass in your Huggies wipes?"

No, we do not use glass in the manufacture of our wipes. Generally speaking, we make our product by combining a blend of fibers. Rarely, but on occasion, when those fibers combine together while being formed, they create a shiny particle, similar to what was found by this consumer.

Huggies has decided not to recall the product, as it stands by the wipes and believes them to not be dangerous. It is urging customers with concerns to call its consumer care team at 1-888-485-6839 or visit its contact page.

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