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IMomSoHard Video About Traveling With Kids

Moms Perfectly Demonstrate What It's Like to Change a Baby in an Airplane Bathroom

When You Travel With Kids | imomsohard

Good advice for traveling with a baby is: not to. So much stuff, so much sweating, so little room in airplane bathrooms. If you don’t know what we mean, allow us to demonstrate…

Posted by Awestruck on Friday, May 26, 2017

If your Summer involves even one flight with kids, you are going to want to watch the latest gut-busting video from Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley, the comedy duo behind the hit IMomSoHard video series. (If you somehow haven't been sent their video about swimsuits by a half-dozen mom friends, it's worth watching next.)

While discussing the frustrations of family travel (their recommendation — just don't do it), the funny moms zero in on those insanely small, ridiculously turbulent, chronically germy airplane bathrooms with which we are forced to change a crying, squirming baby's diaper.

Allow them to demonstrate . . .

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