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Jason Momoa Video About Fatherhood

For Jason Momoa, Being a Good "Papa" Is the Most Important Part of Life

Jason Momoa isn't shy about how much he loves being a dad. He's shared many photos with his son, Nakoa-Wolf, and daughter Lola, and even has their names tattooed on his chest — in their adorable handwriting, of course! In interviews, he's discussed how protective he is of his little ones, saying: "I can really care less about myself, I just want to always stay papa to them." And in a new video, Momoa took time to honor the men in his life who have helped shape his perspective on fatherhood.

"I just want to always stay papa to them."

Momoa has been vocal about being raised by a "strong, single mother" and remains extremely close to his mom. But as a dad, Momoa also surrounds himself with other fathers who inspire him; it was with these men that Momoa first shared his Carhartt video project, a family-focused short film entitled Canvas of My Life.

Each of the dads in Momoa's circle of friends has a unique perspective on why it's important to be present for their kids, and in a new short video they discuss why fatherhood is so important. Watch the sweet clip about how these men love, support, and honor their kids and how they inspire one another to do the same.

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