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Jenna Bush Hager Asks How to Get Crayon Off the Walls

Jenna Bush Hager Asked How to Get Crayon Off the Walls, and the Internet Delivered

Mom of two Jenna Bush Hager is facing a problem most parents can unfortunately relate to: one of her kids scribbled on the wall with crayon. Rather than googling what to do herself, Jenna shared what happened on Instagram, and naturally people were happy to give advice. She captioned the photo: "Dear Insta world, returned from a few days traveling to this. Any ideas on how to remove red crayon from wall??? Exhaustedly yours, Jenna." Thankfully, some of Jenna's followers chimed in with some helpful tips, including using a magic eraser and toothpaste, believe it or not.

"Magic erasers are the BEST!! I've used them for years in my preschool class!!," wrote one woman. People also suggested various spreads. "Peanut butter works great for crayons on walls," said one commenter. Another added, "Mayonnaise ... let it sit for a few and wipe off with paper towel."

Apparently a hairdryer may work, too: "Crayons are made of wax. Use a hairdryer to melt and wipe with a damp cloth as it melts. It won't get all of it, but maybe some. Otherwise leave it and use as leverage when she's older." Toothpaste could also help, according to one of her followers. "I've used toothpaste and a baby wipe on wood. Could try a tiny spot of toothpaste and see how well that works. It was amazing how well it worked on wood."

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