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Jennifer Lopez Ellen Show Interview About Joanna Gaines 2019

Joanna Gaines Surprised Jennifer Lopez, and Her Reaction Was Appropriately Over the Top

Despite her fame and endless access, Jennifer Lopez wants to befriend Joanna Gaines just as badly as the rest of us. The singer and actress recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and shared the incredible way Alex Rodriguez tried to make that happen for the couple's two-year anniversary.

Jennifer began the story by stating that she's "obsessed" with Fixer Upper and was fascinated by Joanna's newest book, Homebody, which she received as a Christmas gift from her sister. Then, Jennifer's own home needed a little fixing up. That's when she casually mentioned to Alex, "Wouldn't it be amazing to have her do it for us?" Jennifer added, "But she doesn't do anything outside of Waco — nothing."

Even though Jennifer said, "I didn't even know, honestly, that Alex listens to me half the time," he sure was listening that time. That's when Alex proceeded to trick Jennifer into thinking they were meeting with an architect, which ending up being a FaceTime with the Fixer Upper queen herself. "I totally fangirled out," Jennifer said. "That to me is more romantic than anything." Watch her tell the story in great (very enthusiastic) detail above.

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