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JetBlue FlyBabies Campaign For Crying Babies on Planes

This Video Will Completely Change Your Attitude Toward That Crying Baby on Your Next Flight

Flying with a crying baby is tough on all of us. It's hard on travelers who spent a near-fortune on a plane ticket and feel they deserve a little quiet during a long flight, and it's difficult for moms who know that all eyes are on them as they make their way down a crowded aisle with a fussy baby on their hip.

JetBlue realizes that there's really no solving the crying-baby-on-a-plane problem for its passengers, so the airline decided to tackle the predicament in an unexpected way.

On one particular flight — Flight 213, from New York to Long Beach, CA — after a handful of moms and babies took their seats among the other passengers, a flight attendant addressed the cabin:

"This will be the very first flight where crying babies is a good thing," she announced. "Every time a baby on this plane cries, you will receive 25 percent off your next JetBlue flight. In other words, four cries is equivalent to a free round-trip ticket."

The ad — titled FlyBabies — then showed how each time a baby cried, instead of groans, scowls, and audible sighs of frustration, you heard laughter and applause.

All of a sudden, it made the entire idea of being mad about a sweet, innocent baby crying seem altogether silly. Sure, this was just one flight, and it certainly won't be many, but here's hoping the next time a woman with a baby taps you on the shoulder to let you know she's in the seat next to you, you'll greet her with a smile.

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