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Jim Gaffigan 4 Kids Comedy Routine

Wondering What It's Like to Have a Fourth Baby? Jim Gaffigan Tells It Like It Is

Raising five kids in a New York City apartment would give anyone a unique perspective on parenthood, but Jim Gaffigan has more than earned his place in the spotlight. The comedian kicks off his Obsessed tour this this week, and as parents, this is one funnyman whose material we can seriously relate to.

In this clip from Gaffigan's 2012 Mr. Universe stand-up special (you'll note, his family has since added another child to their big brood), he tackles everything from what it's like to have a large family to home birth and the male's limited biological contribution to procreation ("It's what, 5 seconds?!").

On what the overnight hours are like when you have five kids: "My wife has instituted this open-door policy, where if one of our kids wakes up and has a nightmare, they're welcome to come into our room and pee in our bed. Luckily, that only happens every night."

The bit's about seven minutes long, and we can promise you, it's well worth the watch!

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