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Joan Rivers Sketch About Childbirth

Watch Joan Rivers's Best Sketch About Childbirth

Comedienne Joan Rivers's passing at the age of 81 has hit us all rather hard. Say what you will about her tart tongue and love-hate relationship with the red carpet, there was no denying her love for her daughter, Melissa, and her grandson, Cooper. She put their mother-daughter-grandson bond on full display both with their weekly Fashion Police show and their reality show, Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?. But to see where the bond began, you have to go back to Melissa's birth. Take a look above. Joan's take on childbirth today, versus the way she gave birth ("I had a Jewish delivery; they knock you out with the first pain; they wake you up when the hairdresser shows"), will have you laughing out loud. Skip ahead to the 2:50 mark for the sketch — or watch the whole thing for a full dose of the funny lady's schtick. You'll never look at a delivery room in the same way again.

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