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Judge Stops Mother From Naming Her Daughter Cyanide

This Mom's Reason For Naming Her Daughter "Cyanide" Might Be Stranger Than the Name Itself

In Powys, Wales, one mom has been court ordered to refrain from naming her newborn daughter Cyanide. According to the BBC, the girl's twin brother was named Preacher, but the mom said she chose Cyanide for her daughter since it was the poison that killed Adolf Hitler, thereby giving it a positive connotation — in her opinion.

Upon hearing the name, a social worker became alarmed and brought it to the attention of the UK court system. Though the mother argued to the court of appeals that she had a right to name her daughter whatever she pleased, the court ultimately ruled that the name would inevitably cause her harm for various reasons — one being the bullying she may endure as a result.

The other saddening reason the court gave is that the daughter could grow up seeing herself as a negative force in her mother's life. Justice Eleanor King noted during the trial, "It is hard to see how . . . the twin girl could regard being named after this deadly poison as other than a complete rejection of her by her birth mother," according to Fox News.

The court also took into account the mother's tragic history with mental illness, as well as drug and alcohol abuse.

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