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Kids Scared of Santa

You Can't Help but Laugh at These 19 Kids Who Are Absolutely Terrified of Santa Claus

Kids Scared of Santa
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For some children, meeting Santa Claus and telling him that they've been good (and would like a bicycle, please) is the highlight of their year — for other kiddos, well, not so much. If your child isn't a fan of the man in red, it's likely your holiday cards were sent out with the one photo taken before they started screaming, or you were forced to choose another photo altogether in order to really showcase your little babe's happy smile. However, some parents — we'll call them "heroes" — admit defeat completely and choose to send out their holiday cards featuring a photo of their child with a look of sheer terror on their face while sitting on Santa's lap.

Ahead, find 19 photos of children truly terrified of Santa Claus that are — whether you feel bad or not — comedy gold.

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