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Kristen Bell's Daughter Singing Let It Go From Frozen

Kristen Bell's 3-Year-Old Screeching "Let It Go" in Her Underwear Is So, SO, SOOO Funny

If Kristen Bell wasn't worried about being replaced on the cast of Frozen by a younger up-and-coming star, she should be now. In a video shared to Instagram, Kristen's 3-year-old daughter Delta can be seen — but mostly heard — belting out a little "Let It Go" in nothing but her underwear.

"No pants, no problem — the show must go on," she captioned the funny video, which — for most parents of toddlers — looks like just a typical afternoon of near-naked Disney sing-alongs.

Before watching the adorably on-brand clip, we insist you lower your device's volume a smidge. As Kristen warns: "a good wedgie always helps me hit the high notes, too."

Image Source: Getty / Allen Berezovsky
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