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Kylie Jenner Got Mom-Shamed For Going to Coachella

Kylie Jenner Got Mom-Shamed For Going to Coachella, and Sadly, We're Really Not Surprised

After posting a photo of herself at Coachella to Instagram on April 14, Kylie Jenner is getting a whole lot of flack in the comments section for going away without her 2-month-old daughter Stormi.

The makeup maven and reality star shared a photo of herself sporting a bright pink 'do with the caption: "I'm not a regular mom I'm a cool mom" because who doesn't like a good Mean Girls line? Although many of her fans were quick to dish out the compliments ("I love your hair! Looks good on you!"), the haters couldn't resist commenting, too.

One person took direct hits at the playful caption, writing, "'Cool' moms take care of their children and that is a given. It's common sense that when your child is a newborn, which Stormi is, that going out to a festival with your friends shouldn't be your main priority. C'mon now." Another woman agreed saying: "Sorry but a 'cool mom' doesn't leave her baby at home to go to a festival."

Others chimed in with their two cents on her parenting skills even though they've probably never met her. "I'm not surprised that you would leave Stormi at home SMH," wrote one user. Another girl piggybacked off that, saying: "Mom (noun): someone who takes care of their child, someone who doesn't leave their child for Coachella let alone a party."

But thankfully, one woman quickly jumped to Kylie's defense with a swift comeback. "Leave Kylie Jenner be. Would you think she is a better mom if she is sat at home with postnatal depression two months after giving birth? You get out and live life, Kylie! Parents old and new need adult time as well as parent time. Good for you!"

Hopefully, one day people will realize that not every woman is going to parent exactly the same way. But unfortunately, until that time comes, celebs like Kylie Jenner will have to put up with this.

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