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Lady Antebellum Hillary Scott Interview About Breastfeeding

Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott Says Struggling to Breastfeed Her Rainbow Twins Was "Worth It"

It's been just over three months since Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott and husband Chris Tyrrell welcomed rainbow twin baby girls, Emory and Betsy. In an interview with Health magazine, the mom, who also has a 4-year-old daughter, opened up about a few of the struggles she's faced since welcoming the twins, including breastfeeding two very tiny babies.

Because Scott had trouble nursing her oldest daughter, Eisele, and exclusively pumped for eight months, she was excited to give breastfeeding another shot with Betsy and Emory. "With my [twin] girls, they were so little when they came home, it was a process of getting on a pumping schedule and then nursing again, but it was so worth it," Scott told Health, noting that she's thankful she was able to succeed this second time around thanks to her strong resolve and the help of a lactation consultant.

Seeing as Scott has experienced both success and struggle when it comes to breastfeeding, she's hyperaware that every mom's journey with feeding their baby is unique — and that's OK. "There might be some moms that nurse for six weeks or some that nurse for six months, but being their best selves for their children is the answer," she said. "Whatever feels good to you is what you should do."

Since opening up recently about the miscarriage she had prior to welcoming the twins, Scott says she's found a lot of beauty within the pain thanks to being able to connect with complete strangers who have also been through loss.

"There's healing that comes with connecting with someone over having a miscarriage or over losing a child or over anything that you find common ground on, you connect with people on a deeper level," she said. "I've had some of the most unbelievable conversations with complete strangers, women in the grocery store or in the mall, and you just connect and you're like, 'I understand you' and you feel understood."

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