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Laughing Moms "Hey Mama" Parody Mom Drivers

This "Hey Mama" Parody Is a Hilarious Reminder That All Moms Are Basically Chauffeurs

We all keep our kids busy, so between school carpools, after-school activities, and sports, we become glorified taxi drivers.

In this SheKnows video by Eden and Alisha of Laughing Moms, David Guetta's "Hey Mama" is turned into a hilarious parody about the chaos that comes with driving your kids all over the place.
You likely won't have any trouble relating to their revamped lyrics: "Yes, you're in piano, and soccer, and dance, trying to find out what you like so give it all a chance, 'cause I want you cultured and learning skills, baby, but our schedule is so full I really might go crazy!"

Watch the video to hear the rest of the hilarious song, because "Uber just got mom-ified."

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