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Little Girl Channels Aretha Franklin in "Respect" Dance

Watch This Little Girl Absolutely Crush Her Dance Recital Routine to "Respect"

Johanna channeling Aretha Franklin!

Posted by Elissa M. Colón on Sunday, June 7, 2015

It's dance recital season — in my opinion, one of the best times of the year — and all over the country, young kids are performing their hearts out in front of their friends, family, and a huge audience of people they have never seen before. Recitals can be a little nerve-racking (I was the kid who froze up at recitals and forgot all her moves), but for someone with boundless confidence like Johanna, it's no big deal to get on that stage and crush it.

Johanna's recital song is "Respect," and man, does she channel Miss Aretha throughout her routine with a solid mixture of sass and spunk. She totally steals the show with her moves — we're talking full-body shimmies and hip pops — and makes the audience laugh at the end as she tries to get the attention of her two partners to let them know that it's time to bow and accept praise and applause for their amazing performance.

If this girl isn't famous in 10 years, we'll be shocked — stay tuned.

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