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Little Girl Dies Saving Toddlers

A 10-Year-Old Girl Selflessly Gave Her Own Life to Save 2 Toddlers

A 10-year-old California girl is being remembered after she heroically jumped in front of a runaway SUV to save two toddlers. Her hometown's local news station is reporting that 1-year-old Adison and 2-year-old Emma were playing outside their home when a car began rolling toward them. That's when Kiera Larsen pushed them out of the way and was forced through a nearby fence.

"She is truly a hero. She will forever be my kids' guardian angel," said the girls' mother, Alissa Jenkins. The mom's fiancé, Jonathan Gusich, added, "She was a big sister to them. She was always looking out for them and apparently she gave her life for my kids."

Police are still investigating what caused the car to roll, but Kiera's act of courage will never be forgotten.

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