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Man and Boy 57 Years Apart Talk About the Meaning of Life

A Man and Boy With a 57-Year Age Gap Discuss the Meaning of Life, and It's Amazing

It's hard to say whether anyone, young or old, truly knows the meaning of life — there's just way too much to consider. However, we all have something to offer and advice to give each other regarding life and what we're all doing here, so 7-year-old Shawn and 64-year-old Des were brought together to sit down and discuss the meaning of these amazing lives we are given from two completely different perspectives.

In the video, Shawn and Des are given cards with questions to ask each other about what growing old is like. Shawn says that the worst part of being young is all of the homework, while Des has qualms with not being able to bend over as easily now that things feel a bit stiffer in his body. As the video goes on, though, the two get deeper into their discussion, with Des sharing that he feels it's a shame he can't use his imagination as openly anymore and Shawn worrying about what to do when his future child cries. And before parting, they give each other some final pieces of advice.

Watch the video to learn what the two had to offer each other and to see the adorable hug they share before going their separate ways.

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