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Man's Reaction to Positive Pregnancy Test

Dad's Reaction to Wife's Positive Pregnancy Test Is 6 Minutes Long, but You'll Laugh Through Every Friggin' Second

Jahann Brown Stewart knows her husband, Charlie, all too well. When she took a pregnancy test that confirmed she was pregnant with their fourth child, she didn't just tell him. She predicted he'd have a reaction so epic that she cleared her phone's storage space in order to record all six-and-a-half-minutes' worth of Charlie's hilariously unfiltered shock.

Over the course of the reveal — she left the positive test in their bedroom and sneakily asked him to fetch the iced tea on her nightstand — Charlie went through every one of the universal five stages of "grief" in record time.

First, there was denial when he was convinced she'd used a blue marker to prank him and actively began blowing on the test to try to wipe away the plus sign. There was anger when he repeatedly shouted midpace, "DID YOU GET THIS FROM THE JOKE STORE?!" There was bargaining when he decried, "I'm done — don't ask me for nothing, no!" while his wife cackled with laughter behind the camera. There was depression when the 38-year-old father realized, "Babe, we're old!" Then, just before the six-minute video was over, there was finally acceptance when poor Charlie caught his breath and said, "What are we gonna do? . . . We're gonna be all right."

Still, he warned his wife that to prevent this from happening again, he'd be "sleeping in long johns" from now on.

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